How does it work ?

Discover basic functionalities of GreenmyEvent, our carbon footprint calculation app for your events.

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Carbon offset

Our application is based on the voluntary calculation of carbon emissions based on data from the ADEME's Footprint Base (not available in english yet).

It is however important to understand that financing carbon offset or sequestration projects must imperatively be associated with emissions reduction from source.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you to "eco-design" your events.

Tree planting is an alternative that does not always makes consensus. We are therefore working on finding and promote in the future associative actors with a direct reduction impact. Thus, each donation will have a concrete response and immediate effects.

GreenmyEvent is constantly evolving, we want to gradually integrate tools to promote awareness on carbon neutrality.


Discover easily how GreenmyEvent application is built.


The user dashboard offers you a quick overview of informations relative to your account.

    Number of active events on your account.
    Number of people which contributed to your events.
    Quantity of CO2 calculated for the whole events of your account.
    Distance traveled by all events' participants.

My events

The list of events allows quick and easy navigation, appearing in the form of tiles topped with a map of the area where it is located.

Several options are available directly on the tiles to allow you to administer events and delete them.

Creation & edition

Simple and clear, the creation of a new event is done in a few clicks.

Many parameters allow you to configure the context in order to then ensure its dissemination to participants.


During the event, a simple QRcode shared on screen allows all participants to connect to GreenmyEvent.

A form allows them to fill in the details of their journey to the place of the event. Number of online contributors is displayed and automatically updated.


A simple form helps to calculate the carbon footprint of the event.

It is comptatible with all platforms (PC, tablet, smartphone ...), so the code can be sent by email before or after the event.


Results of all individual calculations are updated in real time on the presentation page.

  • CO2
    Cumulated carbon footprints of each participant.
    Estimated cost of carbon offsetting which can be donated to a specialized site.
    Total distance travelled by all participants.
    Number of people who completed the contribution form.
    Podium of the 3 means of transport most used by the participants.

A little example

Carbon footprint calculation is easily calculated using average values gathered from the ADEME's Footprint Base (not available in english).

For instance, for a vehicle running on diesel:

For a given distance, it is then very simple to calculate the associated footprint: